Display Resize Bug 3.0



I have noticed since upgrading to 3.0 that when my backup console boots and then syncs with Primary you get the log screen pop up showing all the handshaking going on.  When this screen pops up on on the backup unit it shrinks (pushes) what is on the screen up.  However, once it is done the magic sheet that was up on a portion of the screen does not restore to its original size.  It remains crunched until I reload the snapshot.   It never did this before 3.0 .   What is even stranger is I can only get this to happen upon starting the entire system at the beginning of the day.  It will not do it if I just shutdown the backup and restart it.   I have attached some pictures.  Any ideas?

What it should look like HandshakeCrunch

  • Hey Brendan- would you mind recording a snapshot of the setup and then attaching your show file for us, please?

  • Hey Sasha,

    What specifically do you want in the snapshot?  I can say I have 2 IONs (legacy version upgraded to windows 7) in the booth, networked together via a switch along with a 4 port node.  Primary has 2 external touchscreens along with fader wing.  I then also use the backup console with 2 touchscreens so I end up with 4 useable monitors.   I boot the primary which has a startup macro that parks all non dims and turns on the backup console.

    Symphony Video Dec 202 w mac 301 2020-12-01 18-49-12.esf3d

  • Hello , we found a bug like this early in Eos v3.0.0 Beta, but it was resolved prior to release of v3.0.0.389.  That's the version you're running, right?

    Does the same thing happen if you swap the roles of the consoles?  Or does the same set of hardware always end up with the shrunken MS?

    I was not able to reproduce this issue with your showfile on my hardware, but I could definitely be missing something in the setup too.

  • Hey Matt,

    Yes, I am running  I will try to swap roles once we are done for the day and will let you know.

  • Did some testing.   Same thing happens if I swap Primary and Backup.  What was interesting when doing that process is I got whichever console had that snapshot #2 up to crunch the magic sheet even when leaving the other desk off.  So, I am not sure it is the handshaking screen that is causing this or something else.    Very strange.

  • I am able to reproduce this now, after re-jiggering my setup and accounting for using ETCnomad as one of my devices.  It is still taking me having a Backup to do it, and the issue's seen on the Backup.

    I got whichever console had that snapshot #2 up to crunch the magic sheet even when leaving the other desk off.

    Could you explain this more?  What steps did you take, with your showfile, to make only a single console display this issue? 

    To explain, I couldn't get the issue just by shutting down the Primary, and starting it back up with no Backup.

  • If I only boot the backup or primary as standalone and not allow the macro to run (which does a full system startup) you are basically just running a single console.  In this mode the handshake screen does not pop up as there is no networking (which I thought was the problem).  However, upon fully loading the desk, the magic sheet seems to still go to its own crunched view.  I am using the same magic sheet on 2 screens, but with different views on each.

    What I did notice after playing around with this last night was, this mystery crunched magic sheet view has now slightly changed upon reboots.  It has gotten smaller and now includes more of the entire larger magic sheet page, not just the set view.

  • Okay, I see this happening consistently from a "cold start" - that is, if I power off the console directly from the main application, without opening the Browser and Exiting first.  Either way, I will get this written up.

    Thanks Brendan!