BUG: No iRFR ML Controls on after EOS 3.0.0

When selecting an intelligent fixture in the iRFR app after upgrading my console to 3.0.0 the ML controls tab no longer funtions.  I am able to control the fixture through direct selects.

On the ML controls tab the digital faders do not appear as though those parameters do not exist.

  • hi !

    Can you please confirm you are running the latest version of iRFR? This can be found in Settings>About.

    The current version is If you are not running that version, please update the app via the App Store and that should get your ML controls back.

  • Deleted the iRFR app on my phone and redownloading fixed it.  Thanks for the idea.  

    After checking on an older iPad running iOS 10 I'm pretty sure that was likely the issue there.  Now I'll have to buy a new iPad.  

  • Is there iOS requirement on iRFR? I'm running it on old IPad2 with iOS 9.3.5,  iRFR version
    Using with EOS 2.9 the ML controls work fine but with EOS3.0 no ML controls
    Appstore doesn't show an update. I am afraid to remove it and try reinstall because maybe I will not be able to install the old version and get the basic functionality. 

  • According to the App store iRFR 4.0 needs iOS 11.0 or newer.

  • Ueli is correct that the update for 4.x requires iOS11+. Unfortunately, you are running into a known issue that exists in version 3.0.1 of iRFR and the fix is in version 4.0.0. Since your old iPad cannot update to iOS version 11, it is not going to be possible to work around that bug.

    The app store *in theory* allows for the downloading of the last version of an app that was available, but since we know that the fix isn't available to that device, I would discourage you from uninstalling.