Mixing Colors with Subs

This came up in the forum 4 years back but I never found a final answer. I want to mix RG&B with 3 subs. If I use a real simple DMX controller (QCPlus) I can bring up DMX the channel Red for to 100% then bring up the 2nd DMX green to 100% which gives me yellow. But somehow using a RGB Profile for my Corepar 80 UBSs I can't do this in ELE2. My subs are set to "Add HTP Min" and "Solo". I used the Live table and made sure I had only Intens FL Red 100, Green 0 and Blue 0 going into sub one. Green and blue similarly went into sub 2 and 3 (with only that color and intense at 100%.

At 1st it seem to work ok. As I raised sub 1, red came up. Raising sub 2 brought up Green whilst reducing red to 0 so no mix. The upshot was that lowering sub 2 (green) left me with no light - red was at 0.  (when I wanted Red!).  Very unprofessionally I call this "Winner kicks butt!"

Most interesting is that using a Strand NEO a while back I found exactly the same behavior and Strand said "Yeh, this is how it should work" but then had me dig into the showfile config and make some changes and low and behold I could mix the RGB LED more intuitively.  So I am pretty sure I can do this on ELE2 but just haven't found the right settings. its in the fader config I bet.