Etc Gio / Nomad & Stream Deck

I am curious if anyone out there is using Stream Deck with Nomad, and if so how well does it work? What software is best to set it up? Once set up, could I take it from my home studio and connect it to a console on site?

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  • There is a companion plugin called ETC EOS that you can load into companion, then you simply point it to your Console or Nomad IP address. You'll need to enable OSC in the EOS Setup and ensure the port numbers match.

  • Hi,Can you give me a more detailed explanation.  I have downloaded the companion folder.  What's next?

    Does the companion folder need to go anywhere or do anything? Where do I find the ETC EOS plugin to put into companion.   I have followed the and files.  It just seems like I am missing a step.   Thanks.

  • After you download Companion from Bitfocus, install it on your computer like you do any program. When you open the program (after installing it) you will have the option to Launch GUI -- this will open a web browser. On the connections tab, click on "Add Connection" under there you'll see an option for etc-eos, "add" that connection. You'll be prompted for the IP address for the EOS console/nomad. And then save that. Under the "buttons" tab, click on any available button and then create a new regular button. Under "press action" click brose, and you'll see a list of typical EOS commands, such as RUN CUE, where you'll enter the cue list and cue number. There are many more options available. You can use Companion with or without a Streamdeck -- of course the Streamdeck hardware is nice to have physical buttons, but you can use Companion directly through a web browser as well.