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Record dmx in

Hello, I am new to this forum and I am not a regular on EOS Family. We have created a show on GrandMA2 and now we want to switch it to EOS. I would like to know if there is a possibility to launch my cues from the MA desk and to record the values sent from this desk on EOS Family?

I do it the other way around, to get an ETC show to play it on the GrandMA2 and it's very useful and fast to record a show.

I've been looking all morning but I couldn't find any information about this. And since 7 years ago it was not possible...

Thanks ! 

  • Eos cannot record DMX in, but it is possible that your show file can be converted.  Please contact technical support for your area.

  • Oh it's really a pity because we are dependent on a third person... My show has a matrix of PAR64 working in mapping I don't think we can have similarities. I keep the link for other shows and I hope ETC will think about this feature one day.

    Thank you!

  • The conversion that ETC does is better than recording DMX - you get labels and such as well.

  • I am currently looking for the same feature, will have a set up using Ableton live and Max Live to send OSC messages to the ION and since this sequence will stay the same (it's a track) would really like to be able to capture the whole sequence of the DMX output to keep the chances of "live" errors low. Any update on the DMX capture options?

  • Eos does not accept DMX Input.  sACN Input can be used to control Subs or some other show control actions.  OSC can be used for many functions from direct channel control up to cue playback.

  • Hi Matt, thanks for your reply, i think i didn't explain myself properly, i am already using OSC to control the Eos but i am looking for a way to capture the stream of DMX out...  any suggestions on that?

    Since i am using submasters on different levels each time in a tight sequence using [LEARN] will not work to my knowledge because this needs a BUMP of a submaster.

    thanks in advance for all the help

  • To answer you properly, I need a higher-level understanding of what you're attempting to do.  It sounds like

    • you have a combination of static background looks (cues?) and dynamic moving looks (subs). 
    • You are controlling the subs via OSC faders from Abelton and Max live (?).
    • You want to run through a sequence once and "record the complete DMX output of the console to tape"
    • Be able to rewind that "tape" to the beginning and use a single sync command to start it, so no one has to make all the OSC fader movements in the moment

    Is that correct?

    If so, then you're correct - Eos consoles do not have a feature to record and re-run a series of dmx levels in that way.

    As you say, Events in the Event List for subs are limited to bumps on and off in current software - you cannot record fader movements as Events.  Cue playback can be learned into Events, so at least that part of your show can be automated.

    I'm not sure if your OSC sending devices have the ability to record and re-play movements?