GO/PAUSE Button Lights!

I thought something looked odd doing the show last night. Neither the Go button or the PUASE/BACK button on our Element 2 were back lit! I asked the guy next to me and he said I was nuts they were never lit!  

  • Have you tried the test peripherals tool in the shell?

  • I learned from service the ELE2 keys do not have back lights!  I don't know where I got the idea from!

  • I don't know where I got that either! I thought they did too

  • If you run the test, you can see they probably actually have backlights. They are not used in software. I would like actually only ONE key to be backlit during a show and that is the GO key. (… and maybe STOP/BACK). 

    I am not sure for other consoles, but I know the above is true for a Programming Wing. 

  • Well I am not one to argue with ETC tech support but! truth is I really believe I saw backlights. I'll wait until "Matilda" is over and then run all diagnostics. Our theatre Tech called me to say last night a bump button got stuck! They had some sort of freeze when the GO button was pressed!!! Go figure and I don't believe it for a minute!

    We have run the ELE2 for three years. After three months the GO button screwed up and we had to send the console back for repair. Not long after that  it went again! I was dammed of I was going to pay to send it back and with a show upcoming got service to send me the GO button PCB and installed it myself.

    And now we have this?

    I agree: IF their was one light on the console when a play is running I wan the GO lit.