M1 Mac not recognising client dongle

Morning All,

I have an M1 MacMini that I'm trying to use as an Eos client, with an Eos client dongle that I know is good (because it works fine on a different Mac).

On the M1 Mac, I don't get the 'Client' option - it shows 'Mirror' instead.

The odd thing is we had this Mac working just fine as a client a couple of weeks ago, though with a different client dongle.

The one I'm trying to use now is one of the very, very early (purple) client dongles from when Eos first appeared. I'm wondering if that needs some kind of driver that is now not installed by default or that somehow doesn't work with these M1 Macs?

(Interestingly the dongle doesn't appear as a USB device in the System Report on either Mac, the one where it works with Eos and the one where it doesn't).

Anyone else seeing this?