Record all values in a preset, including default values?

I'm trying to get to know EOS (ion), coming from MA2.

How can i record all values in a preset, including values that are at there default value?

To use as Block Cue Presets

  • (Channel no) thru (channel number) Record Preset (preset number)

    or record and touch preset direct select. 

    remember, EOS doesn‘t have a programmer, so by default it records all values, unless you tell the console to behave differently. 
    To mimic a „programmer console“- like behavior, use „record only“. In this case, only the manual (red) values will be stored. 

    check out „selective recording“ for more on this topic. I recommend searching the YouTube channel of ETC. 

    also, there is a programmers group on Facebook where someone posted a MA for EOS programmers document, which of course can be used vice versa to some extend. 

  • This only records values that are at a non default value.
    I also want to record the values that are at their default.

  • To record all values you need to make them manual values first.
    After selecting the channels, press softkey 1 "Make Man" followed by Enter.
    Then record them to the desired preset.

    You could also go to the preset list, create the preset there and edit it, select all channels and home them.
    This will give you a preset with all channels their home values.
    Or simply copy your home-preset if you have one.

    You can then update whatever non-default values you need to that preset in live.

  •  no, that's not correct. if a channel has at least one parameter not at its home value anymore, Record will store all parameters for this channel.

    Only if a channel has been completely untouched you will need to do more than just Record.

    Pulling an unused channel into "the programmer" (that Eos doesn't have) is done with the softkey {MakeManual}.

  • If you are recording while in another preset/palette AND not touch all parameters, it is recommended to make the whole channel Manual. Otherwise you will end up with nested palettes.