iRFR set up - console IP

I'm trying to set up the iRFR on a console in a new venue. Going into the shell on the Ion to find its IP address I have this information instead of what I'm used to - IP address, status: online.

Can someone advise me as to what this means and how to get the info I need to connect the iRFR?

Many thanks in advance

  • you tried to use an IP address that's already in use somewhere in the network. all IPs have to be unique within the subnet defined by the subnet mask. do you have a list of all IP addresses already in use by the network?

  • A bit more info for what its worth

    Console is running software version 2.9.9

    iRFR is version

    Thanks for the reply ueliriegg although I'm not sure what you mean when you say I'm using an IP already in use as the Ion isn't networked.

    I still haven't figured this out. In my experience this is where i've always looked to find the console IP address. On this console however the IP and subnet are a load of zeros. Is there a reason the console isn't displaying an IP address? 

    If anyone can point me in the right direction by explaining why I can't get the IP address I'd be super grateful. I have a feeling it's something simple which I've overlooked!

    Here's hoping

  • You need to set a valid IP address on the Ion, or select "Obtain an IP Automatically" if you have a DHCP server on the network (such as a Router).  A valid address might be:

    But depends on what else is on the network.

    "... the Ion isn't networked" doesn't make sense, because you are trying to connect iRFR to it, so it must be on some network.  

    Have you taken a look at the iRFR/aRFR Setup Guide?

  • as Matt said you must be networked. that probably means the only two other things in your network are the WiFi router or AccessPoint and the mobile/tablet running the app. one of those two things have the same IP as your console and that's not possible.

  • Sorted. So I was ticking the 'obtain IP automatically' box and still no IP. I did a reboot and there it was.

    Thanks for the tips guys ; -)