Ion- cues not playing back live.

Hello all, I was wondering if you could help me. I used to use an Element and now have an ION at my new place of work. I am having issues with cues not playing back. I recorded several cues and I can see them on the display screen "fading up" but they are not playing back live (the desk is in live). The playback masters are both up and I checked the playback/ recording settings and the playback is enabled. I am very confused as this is something really simple but I am not seeing it playback yet I can see the cues have saved. 
I attached a pic of the screen, the cue currently up should have channel 34 at 60% yet you can see here it is showing 0% intensity.
I didn't use to "load" any cues onto the playback faders on my element, I have red it does it automatically but I tried loading it in case with some other cues I did yesterday and it didn't make a difference. I never really touched the playback fader really and just used to using "go to cue" or "go" (on element).
The current show file was loaded by someone else and they are coming back now that lockdown is ending so I wonder if there are other settings in place that could be effecting playback. 
I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this. 

  • from the cue list screen, what is the cue list number?  should be cue list 1, cues 1 through xx, but you never know sometimes.

    [cue] 1 [/] [Load] to put that cue list on the playback faders.  I've had that happen to me as well.  (the [/] means the preceding # is the cue list, and the following number is the cue#.)

    not sure what the superscripts in the tombstones are refering to.  but the channels don't appear to be Parked at 0 (interrupting any chance of playback).

    You've been able to set levels, and see lights change on stage? (so the DMX feed from the console isn't unplugged?)


  • The gray intensities and the N are stating that those channels have been nulled. They’re sort of in control purgatory. Essentially the console has been told that those channels exist, but don’t pay attention to them. Any parameter or channel at large that has been nulled will be unavailable for playback. 

    the yellow S is a shielded sub master / fader. Likely meaning a sub has been given exclusive control over those channels or specific parameters preventing playback without the sub being active or park buffer.

    Looks like someone has a lot of don’t touch this unless I say so happening in that console… 

  • The N channels are off because they're outside of the scope of the filter that's applied (or to be more precise: not the channels are filtered,but rather all of their parameters). See the red "filter" text in the image category button at the bottom of your screen? There is an image filter applied and all other parameters (like Intens) are filtered out.

    In the screen section that has the tiles for all your parameters, there's a button Filter at the left. Click it and then click the button Clear Filter that will show up right next to it.

    • thank you all for your replies. yes there are two faders on the top row which i believe are "blocking" my cues. someone suggested settings have been put in to block certain aspects, i believe that is it.