Delete All NPs from subs

I want to delete All NPs from my various cues and sub-masters.  Not all at once, individually is fine.  What is the command to set All NPs to 'nothing' before I record my cues and subs?  Thanks.

  • There are a lot of ways to do this.  You could:

    • [-]{AllNPs}[Record][Sub][#]
    • {Intensity}[Record][Sub][#]
    • or set a filter, by pressing the {Filters} tile in the CIA and then pressing the {Intensity} tile. With a filter enabled, you could just use an unmodified [Record][Sub][#], and the console will only store Intensity data.

    Each method has benefits depending on your exact workflow.

    If you're trying to remove data from existing subs, you could:

    • [#][Thru][#]{AllNPs}[Delete][Sub][#]
    • [Blind][Sub][#][Enter][#]{AllNPs}[At][Enter]
  • Thanks Paul,   I did discover  [#][Thru][#]{AllNPs}[Delete][Sub][#]    on my own, just as I received your input. 

    No I plan on learning more about filters.   I think that by using a filter, I can prevent this problem from occurring again.

  • Hello Stepen,

    my Favorite is special Snapshots that have Filter-Sets recorded.

    Maybe you have a look into this as well ; )