OSC input blocks/resets command line

I'm fairly new to ETC's EOS family and discovered it while looking for a professional lighting software that can be integrated into more complex systems. EOS' support for OSC is fantastic, much more versatile and complete than anything else. So I've bought an unlimited Nomad version and am very happy so far.

While still figuring everything out, I ran into one issue though: OSC input keeps on resetting the command line - especially problematic if there is continuous input. Practically rendering EOS unusable. It doesn't crash or freeze, I just can't operate it anymore.

(If an example is needed, let's assume stage performers' are tracked via sensors and third software, i.e. max/msp. The later calculates a brightness depending on the performers' position. This brightness is beamed over to EOS, setting eos/chan/1/param/Intens permanently. Then my command line becomes unusable.)

Is there maybe a way to switch EOS' OSC-interpretation into some sort of background mode? Not interfering with the command line?

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