Foundation & Eos integration

Not sure if the following is by design or a bug, but figured I'd bring it up here to the folks who know the products best. We have two Gio @5's on a project, one in primary, the second in backup, and a couple pucks in client mode in locations to display relevant rigging and lighting data for our SM and ASM on a production.

The primary @5 is in user 1, the backup @5 is in user 2, and the clients are in user 99.

The SM magic sheet has motor status tiles as well as text objects with commands to pull in and display some relevant playback and system status information. The primary @5 displayed objects all as expected, but the secondary and clients only displayed the motor status tiles, the playback and system status text fields remained blank. 

Originally, foundation was only pointing OSC motor status, playback, and system status to the primary. After a little while scratching my brain, I added the IP addresses of the backup and the clients to the OSC output of the foundation, and all revelant data now appears on the magic sheets as expected.

I incorrectly assumed that the primary would be the only destination where OSC would need to be sent, and that it would parse the data and make it available for all other consoles in the project, especially since it works with motor status tiles, but it does not seem to be the case with text commands. Is this by design, a limitation of OSC, or a bug?