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Robe T1 -- framing shutter action previewed incorrectly both in Encoder Display and Augment3D


I very recently ran a production with 12x Robe T1 Profile.

We made extensive use of the framing shutters. Unfortunately, neither the Encoder Display nor Augment3D correctly preview the shutter action. Both of them get it wrong in a different way. Attaching some pictures.

In words:

  • The shutter blade angle in EOS goes in reverse compared to the real fixture.
  • The shutter blade thrust suggested by EOS doesn't go as far as the real blades in the T1.
  • In Augment3D, the blades which move are the opposite ones compared to the real fixture.
  • Frame assembly rotation in Encoder Display and Augement3D is opposite that of the T1. 

Still trying to work out which of these items might be down to 'operator error' on my part.

The reverse rotation of the Blades, and the incorrect amount of Frame Thrust, I'm fairly convinced are errors in the fixture library.

Augment3D showing the opposite blades movement to the real fixtures, I think is probably also a bug -- unless there's something I did wrong in A3D. By the way, in case it's relevant, we mostly used XYZ mode to focus the features, not pan/tilt. (FPE worked great.) 

Is there a "quick fix" possibility for correcting this behaviour in the field? Often enough, as was the case for us, the first opportunity to test the behaviour will be only when hanging the lights, so an ability for a quick fix would be very welcome.

We were on version 3.1.1 build 120, using ION XE20.

Capture gets it wrong too

  • You're right, this is an error in the fixture personality.

    I see that Robe do publish the shutter order in their manual, but we've got it upside down in the library released with Eos 3.1.2.

    I've added this to the list for future correction.

  • It doesn't look like Robe have published any information about the range of Frame Thrust.

    We've assumed they are 0-100% (exactly to the centre) as that's close enough for most fixtures.
    If you can measure how far they actually go then we can look at updating that too.

  • Thank Richard for looking into this!
    Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the Robe T1; they were rental units we had for this production only, else I would happily check the Thrust range. 

    Do you a direct contact to Robe? I could ask them about details for the thrust range myself, but it probably makes more sense if you contact them directly.

  • There will be an exibition in Germany - Ulm. It is called BTT 2022.
    From 29.6-30.6.2022

    ETC and Robe will both be there.
    Maybe someone from ETC can take a walk over to Robe and ask. I think Jens Langner from Robe will likely help with great joy.

    What a pitty, i can't make it.
    But i am sure someone from ETC will make it ; )
    I will take your bets, for who will make it first ; )

  • That sounds like a good plan, Mathilda! I didn't know about that event ... it's not even that far away from me, but sadly I won't make it either.