Moving Train FX

We have a simple train, with eight windows, on our stage.

Each of these windows has it's own 2kw halogen light.

I did a simple chase with level 0 and background to get a moving impression.

But it's too uniform.

First I tried with a simple absolute fx, but I need a pause between each run-through, in best case this pause would be random between X and Y seconds...

So I was switching to a chase fx with dummy channels at the end for the pause.

Is there a better way to get the pause, maybe even randomised? 

I would like to use two of these effects with different timings on these 8 lights to get a more random effect, but I can't find a way to use two intensity effects at the same time. 

Thanks for help. 

  • Hello,

    i once did a Train with a simple Absolute FX and a realy high Grouping of 70-100 for only 10-20 Fixture.
    With a Cycle of 3, for 3 Wagons.

    I than put the FX in a small extra Cuelist, to make more Trains to pass by (with Hang and Link).


    In my Case i had some Lightbulbs on stage and wanted to have a Underground to pass by.


    The Random in between could be a little tricky.
    if you do make some variations, link them and make them repeat. That should be ok for a train.
    Right now i can't think of a good solution of Random in between.
    I would rather pretend to make it random. More "sometimes it is different". 

  • OK, got it like this: I rebuild the FX in a different cue list and linked the last cue to the first, so it loops endless.

    Copied this cue list to the next one and only changed the last follow time, so the pause would be longer.

    I execute these two cue lists instead of my effect and I get two inverted intensity chases running on the same fixtures with slightly different timing for a more random overall effect. 

    To stop the fake fx I used a macro for releasing those cuelists. 

  • Nice,

    sound good.
    And for releaseing the cuelist you can make it like shown in one of the learning videos.
    make a extra Cue in your FX-Cue-list with a releas.

    If you like to release the List, call that cue. Like in that Video.


    Or call Cue0 on the FX Cue List. Like in that Video. But mind the Assert that is needed to set.


    But a Macro also works just fine.

    Thanks for sharing your final result.

  • Ah, good to know! Thanks. 

    Didn't know about the possibility to release certain channels within a cue.