Bug - CP DS Tile Color Flags not respecting Move To in Patch

Running Eos Nomad v3.1.4

Ch 1 and Ch2 are different color changing fixture types (RGB Tape and Lustr). They are the only fixtures patched into show

Information is written into an arbitrary # of color palettes for each of them

Color flags display as expected on Direct Selects.

If you move Ch 1 AND Ch 2 to channels OTHER THAN Ch 1 or 2, DS Tile color flags no longer display.

Ch1 Move to Ch 3  Ch 2 Unchanged: result: No Change to Color flags.

Ch2 Move to Ch 4, Ch 1 Unchanged: result: No Change to Color flags.

Move Both Channels to range outside Ch1-2 (does not have to be in same command) : result: Color flags disappear

Color flag reference seems to not respect Move To and will stick to reference Highest Ch in color palette that has NOT been moved.

If I move either of my channels with Data stored in them back to Ch 1 OR Ch 2, the color flags return.

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