Is there a way to change effects with a Next and Last option In order to preview effects one after another?

Hello. Is there a way to create a macro or to do it on the console itself where you can preview effects by choosing Next and Last? What I would like to do is select a group or channel and be able to move through my effects one after another without having to type each effect number in.

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  • That is a possible answer, but when I use this method, the effects continue to build up on each other. That is to say; choosing the next effect does not terminate the previous effect.

    I have been trying to create a macro with a Next Effect or a Next Direct Select for an Effect step, but without success.

    It was interesting to discover, that while in the Effect Status display (empty command line pressing Effect once), you can move through the Effects you have running by using the Next and Last buttons; but only when in this screen. It would be nice to have this option outside of the Effects Status Display. Then I think I would be able to utilize this option with a macro.

  • If you have your effects on direct selects, you could write a macro that stops the effect and then waits for you to select or type the next effect you want to run. Could look like this:

    Line 1: [Select Last] [Effect] [Enter]

    ***if you have effects on direct selects***

    Line 2: [Select Last] 

    And then you would select the effect direct select that you want to run.

    ***if you want to manually type the effect number***

    Line 2: [Select Last] [Effect]

    And then you would type the effect number followed by [Enter]

    The other option I can think of is make a macro for every single effect that would stop the current effect and then apply the desired effect. Could look something like this:

    Line 1: [Select Last] [Effect] [Enter]

    Line 2: [Select Last] [Effect] (effect #) [Enter]

    However, that would be a lot of macros that only have 1 function each which isn't very practical and would take a lot of work to write, and thus probably not be worth the hassle.

  • Mr. Nowlin, thank you! 

    I created the Macro from your first suggestion above, which I labeled FX Next.

          Line 1:   [Select Last] [Effect]

          Line 2:   [Select Last] 

    Then I added it to a Custom DS screen.

     I can now select an Effect from my Effects DS, preview it, and then select the Macro (FX Next) to terminate the running effect. Then I can select the next Effect I want to preview from my DS screen. This makes quickly previewing Effects very efficient. Thanx again! Thumbsup