How to fade the cues with effect?

I have some cues with effect and I want to record the next cue to fade them out with out the effect keeps going. For example, I have some lamps pulsing and I want to fade it out without pulsing. How should I do that? Can I have part 2 in the next cue to stop the effect? 

  • For some clarity you have a cue with an intensity effect running and then when you hit GO you want the effect to stop and the lights to fade over time to out? 

    If this is the case then cue 1 has the effect running then cue 2 stops the effect (immediately or set a time in the effect) which will return the fixtures to the background state and then set the intensity of the fixtures to 0 over the cue fade time.  

    There may be other ways to do this and I am sure others will be along to suggest another way. 



  • If I'm understanding correctly, you're wanting to press Go and have the effect stop immediately and then have the channel intensity fade out in the cue's timing.

    As Geoff suggested, there are a handful of ways I can come up with to do this.

    Here is the method I would suggest:

    -In the effect's editor, select your effect.

    -In the lower right side of the CIA, select 'Exit'

    -From here, select 'Stop and Fade' and then 'ExitTime' [0, Enter]

    This effectively tells the effect to stop and then fade the channels back to their background state for however long the exit time is (in this case, 0). If you don't want this change on the entire effect (ie you use this effect elsewhere in your show, and don't want it to stop immediately in those places), you can press [Effect] with a cleared command line (in your channel summary) in the cue with the effect running, to make a 'one-off' change to the effect behavior. 

    Hope this helps.