EOS 3.2.4: Tab 1 disagrees with real life output

This is the first time I’ve ever seen behaviour like this on EOS.

I have a cue where Ch62 is displaying a purple “-“ in the live display. A look at About shows the only data source as the cue list with the light off.

in real life however, the channel is on. If I set it manually to 0 (62 at 0 enter) the light actually does go off. This behaviour only started occurring when playing back cues that had previously been recorded. It was not limited to just one channel, and several cues ended up being totally wrong and having to be re-recorded over an earlier version of the showfile.  

When going back in the cue list, it seemed that the live display was correct, but the actual live output was one cue offset from what had been recorded (on any up moves or down moves only). This occurred with only intensity moves - NIPs were still correct.

i was programming from a Win10 client-ed to a Ion Classic Win7 primary. Both consoles showed the same behaviour.

I reverted to 3.2.2 to continue tech, but this was very troubling.

  • Here's another video 

  • Here's another video 

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