Adjust Saturation On the Fly



I've been looking for a way to adjust Saturation from a fader as a busking tool.


I have a load of prerecorded colour palette combinations that I run from separate cue lists and I'd like to run a fader with a Saturation override that I can adjust on the fly.


Putting Saturation on a sub doesn't change CMY/RGB values unless you add the CMY/RGB values themselves. But if you do that it will skew the hue on its way to O/W since it's just fading the parameters linearly.


Only way I can see to affect CMY/RGB values with saturation and maintain the correct Hue is to either adjust the value manually, or use OSC Override. Neither of which I can put on a fader, so far as I can tell.


If anyone has any other ideas I'd be very happy to hear them!


Also, I was wondering if there is a way to add timing to an OSC Override command or are they just instant? Can't see an option in the manual.


Thanks in advance!