Updating Ion Classic Windows 7 from 2.4.0

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I am a parent volunteer (former lighting guy from the dark ages of the Express 48/96 days) at my kids high school and getting their technical side of things in order.  According to the pics of how to identify which version of the condole we have, We appear to have an ETC Ion Classic Windows 7.  It is currently operating on 2.4.0 and has not been updated in quite some time.  

Any issues with going straight from 2.4.0 to the most recent 3.2?  It will be quite a jump, just want to make sure that there won't be any issues.  

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  • That means, your console looks like this?

    Speaking from a software point of view updating directly is certainly possible.

    There are some things to consider, some might be irrelevant depending on your venue and workflows.

    • Starting with 3.2 you can't use the EDMX (ETC Net2) network protocol anymore. It was one of the legacy DMX-over-network protocols.
    • Starting with 3.2 you can't use the aRFR/iRFR classic apps anymore. The newer (non-classic) apps aRFR/iRFR still work.
    • Because all connected Eos devices need to use the same software version make sure also your backup console (if any) or designer client or classroom computers where they use the same software can also update

    And of course when doing such a big step (2.4 is over 7 years old) it's important to allow for time to re-learn or re-train.

  • Yup, the console looks just like that.  Thank you for a great answer.  This was a very detailed and helpful answer.  

    We have a show on stage now, so I would not even consider attempting to upgrade it until this show is finished.  We will have about a month off (only small dance shows on the weekend) before we get into the next one.  Figure that will be a good time to upgrade it.

    There are no other EOS devices and no aRFR/iRFR, just a simple 1 universe system with a 96 rack and conventional fixtures hanging.  

    Currently, we are rather basic in writing cue-to-cue shows and the fanciest that we get is timing changes between cues so I am not envisioning too much time to learn/re-learn.  No pallets, no groups...using it like a classic Express console to be honest.  We will be upgrading the fixtures with a couple dozen ETC ColorSource Pars this Spring, and hopefully a handful of S4 lekos being retrofit to LED.  With LED's coming in, the school's Lighting Designer (and I) are attending console training in Orlando in June just to make sure that we get everything out of it and to pass down to the next group that will be coming in.

    Thanks again.  

  • Oh this makes me sort of sad. Using this console at such a basic level when it has so much power. The good news is you are getting new fixtures and having some formal training too. Might I suggest that you have a look at the workbooks and online videos before the training. I found it beneficial in my understanding of how things work. I wish you well in your learning journey. Remember one thing- Experts were beginners once.

  • In scenarios where I am upgrading console software from early 2.x software builds to a current build, I typically install 2.9.x first. That way after updating to 3.2 there is the option to go back to 2.9 if there are any compatibility issues (like realizing you do need to output Net2).

  • I would second this approach, for the same reasons. 

  • Just a quick update.  I didn't want to update until we finished our Spring show, which ended last weekend.  I had talked to the service tech at our local Barbizon, and he said that if I brought him the console, he would update it for me.  That way if there were any issues, he could deal with them directly.  I dropped it off Thursday afternoon and it was ready first thing Friday morning.  No trouble at all going from 2.4.0 to 3.2.  

    For our Spring show, we did start to incorporate groups and pallets for the first time with the kids.  The lighting designer, programmer, and board ops are all high school kids (regular public high school, not an arts school).  The school doesn't have a theatre tech program at all, but we are slowly building one.  With LED and a few moving lights coming in next year, we will grow by leaps and bounds.  

    Thanks all for the great answers, and thanks to Barbizon Charlotte!