Need help building fixture profile with multiple color wheel control.

I'm trying to build a profile for a new light that has several independently controlled diodes that each have their own CMY color wheels. The wheels are going to be controlled by one address each, 0 being clear through 255 being yellow. I know it will have to be a multicell profile, but I'm having difficulty figuring out how to make that work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

  • You are building the cell on its own and after words implementing the cell multiple times.

    Not the most helpful explenation, i know... But i could eather do a long article or a Video about it.

    Where are you currently with your effort?
    is there any point i can jump in?
    Maybe send a Picture.

  • With a little Bit more time know. Sorry for the Double Post.

    Currently, what i see a lot, is that EOS is using more and more the Parameter "Color Macro" or "Color Mix".
    Those have Multiple instances, they are numbered to distinct them from each other.

    The biggest problem i see, currently, with (Multiple) Color Wheels(called Color Select) is, that you can not have them properly configured if they are not in a Cell.
    While you have multiple instances of one Color Wheel on a Single (No-Cell) Fixture, you are quite resricted because you can only select one Color Wheel per Fixture in Attributes.
    And while adding the 33th Gel (and further) to your Wheel, a Advisory(Warning) is thrown that "your Scroller/Wheel has more Frames than your Fixture Supports".
    You still can go on.

    The good thing on Color Wheels is, that you can have a small preview of the Color while selecting the Fixture.
    With "Color Macros" / "Color Mix" you can't (at least as long as i know and see) have a Color Tile.
    You have to write all the Color Names down yourself, while with a Color Wheel it will be grabed from the Lib.


    So the question is. How much different Color Wheel are you like to have. And is it important for you to have a Color Tile while using the Fixture. Or are you ok with "just" a name of the Color