Where to find useful training resources...

Hi all,

There are many useful training resources on the web. To help speed up the search for information, particularly for newbies to the Eos family, I created the attached document. Just a handful of links to all sorts of useful little gems.


Happy Learning!




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  • youtube....

    you will be amazed what you can find

  • ETC just recently took the training videos off the site. I think that this is rather dumb since it was helping people learn how to use their boards. The more people that can run there board the more they get requested. Most people are not going to spend $200 for both sets of videos. One place you may want to check out is Lighingtrainer.com. They have a lot of info.

  • I believe that the Ion training videos have been temporarily taken down from YouTube for contractual reasons. ETC hope to restore them somewhere on the web as soon as this can be resolved.

    I assure you that we are very committed to training at ETC and as you rightly point out, training is a great marketing tool. In the meantime there are several other resources available as mentioned at the top of this thread.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.



  • Is there an easy way to copy / print an entire thread from these forums?  I have printed several as inserts to my console manual.

    So far I CTRL A then CTRL C.  This of course gives me all of the extra web stuff I do not need.  Then I have to delete or backspace my way thru the doccument.

  • ETC has many training videos on their YouTube Page.

    Here's a link to their video playlists which sort by category:


  • Does anyone know if there is an advanced level Eos training course at all?

    I know about and have been on the "Introduction to the Eos Control System" course, but have been asked to find something more advanced for people who have been programming an Eos for quite a while and want more in-depth tips and tricks.

    Can anyone recommend anything?

  • Hi Yen-

    There is no formal advanced training course in the UK, as advanced is a pretty subjective term!

    If there are topics specifically that you want more training on, it's best to get in touch with the UK training team (traininguk -at- etcconnect.com) to find the perfect mix. Generally speaking these sorts of advanced training courses have a nominal fee to cover the trainers' expenses.


  • Does anyone know if the tutorials and videos for ION have been updated to go with the latest 2.01 software update?  I updated and replaced the keycaps on our ION in September.  We've used the board for small one night shows, but now that were actually using it for a big production were having trouble finding our favorite functions that got moved or changed with the update.  An example is with the follow/hang key which got changed to a softkey.  It took the longest time to realize that you have to be addressing a particular cue for the option to appear.  Small, easy stuff if you know the sequences.

    Thank you for any help or advice


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  • hey justin, just a tiny detail: you can also get to the Follow function with Shift-Delay and to hang with Shift-Delay-Delay.

  • Have you checked out the Facepanel Shortcut pdf located on the downloads page? It's the first option under  the "Other Downloads" section. Here's the link to the downloads page: http://www.etcconnect.com/product.downloads.aspx?ID=20351

  • Justin, the Shift key was introduced in 1.9.8. It is described in the Eos Family Software Release 1.9.8 video on the ETCVideoLibrary YouTube channel.


  • Greetings,

    Does anyone know if ETC has updated it's tutorials and training videos to reflect the latest ION upgrade(2.0x)?  I installed the ION update and replaced all the key caps in September.  We ran a few small one night shows, but now are trying to do the big main stage production and can't seem to easily find how to do several of our most used functions.  An example is the follow/hang tool.  The function was moved to a soft key but it took a long frustrating time to figure out how to get to it (you have to have a specific cue addressed for the option to appear).  When we looked in the on-line tutorials, we found they still showed the function as a hard key.

    We know it's just going to take time to learn the new ins and outs, but if we have a quick way to search for the changes, it would be helpful.

    Thank you for any help

  • Justin,

    [Shift]+[Display] is the shortcut to post Follow to the command line.  You don't have to have [Cue] on the command line like you do with the soft keys.

    A good resource for updated shortcuts like this is the 2.0 face panel shortcuts document:



  • The forums aren't letting me edit, but clearly I meant [Shift]+[Delay], not [Shift]+[Display].