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There are many useful training resources on the web. To help speed up the search for information, particularly for newbies to the Eos family, I created the attached document. Just a handful of links to all sorts of useful little gems.


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  • ETC has many training videos on their YouTube Page.

    Here's a link to their video playlists which sort by category:


  • Greetings,

    Does anyone know if ETC has updated it's tutorials and training videos to reflect the latest ION upgrade(2.0x)?  I installed the ION update and replaced all the key caps in September.  We ran a few small one night shows, but now are trying to do the big main stage production and can't seem to easily find how to do several of our most used functions.  An example is the follow/hang tool.  The function was moved to a soft key but it took a long frustrating time to figure out how to get to it (you have to have a specific cue addressed for the option to appear).  When we looked in the on-line tutorials, we found they still showed the function as a hard key.

    We know it's just going to take time to learn the new ins and outs, but if we have a quick way to search for the changes, it would be helpful.

    Thank you for any help

  • Justin,

    [Shift]+[Display] is the shortcut to post Follow to the command line.  You don't have to have [Cue] on the command line like you do with the soft keys.

    A good resource for updated shortcuts like this is the 2.0 face panel shortcuts document:



  • The forums aren't letting me edit, but clearly I meant [Shift]+[Delay], not [Shift]+[Display].

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  • Hi all. We have launched the first in a series of training videos that are intended to accompany the workbooks used at our training events in the states. Day 1 has been completed and can be found by following the links here: http://www.etcconnect.com/Products/Consoles/ Day 2 is in post and will be posted before the end of the year. Day 3 will be early next year. It is important to note that training is different from our manual organization in that topics may not be (rarely are) covered in their entirety. Education Center Day 1 training is focused on "getting a basic show done." The Day 1 workbook, viz file (in a .exe format), show file etc can all be downloaded to work in conjunction with the videos. We have quite a number of special topic workbooks as well (show control, magic sheets, pix mapping, multi-console operation and so forth that will also be available over time. Thanks everyone! Anne