Fixture Request: Acclaim Dynaflood QW/QA

Hi There,

We are currently installing Acclaim Dynaflood QA's in our venue as a sort of curtain warmers and need a profile for them. Acclaim makes two variants, in terms of color and DMX addresses. The QA (the ones we have) are RGBA and the QW are RGBW. Each can be operated in 8-bit and 16-bit mode. The DMX information should be on page 17 of attached manual. Not sure if it matters for future things or not but these come in 20°, 40°, 80° (the ones we have), and 20°x60° flavors. Also, we are going to need a profile for LightDesigner, so our Paradigm system can operate them... Though that is probably outside of the scope of this request. Please advise on how to proceed with that. In terms of timeline, obviously sooner is better, but we can get by for the time being.




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