Profile Correction Request for Microh > LED Par 64 RGB Wash

Manufacturer: Microh
Model: LED Par 64 RGB Wash
Problem: strobing in Augment3d

We have some inexpensive LED PAR fixtures that we've been using for a number of years that work fine in real life but don't come on and only strobe about once a second when I bring their level up in Augmet3d.

They are Microh > LED Par 64 RGB Wash. There is no asterisk next to their profile in Patch so I assume I'm using the most current profile.

In Moving Light Controls the Color Picker works, so they will strobe in any colour I choose. In Form: the Shutter Strobe is set to Intensity, (not Strobe) and the Shutter Strobe Rate is at 0.

Changing the rate makes no difference other than it switches from intensity to Strobe when the rate get to 190 or higher.

... any thoughts? Am I overlooking something obvious?

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