Martin MAC TW1 Pan & Tilt correction for Augment3d

Our Martin MAC TW1's have to have their Pan & Tilt DMX values reversed in the Fixture Editor to be represented correctly in Augment3d. 

Is this considered a bug or mistake in the Fixture Profile for the TW1 that will be corrected in a future Library release?

This makes them an edited fixture that can be easily messed up by using 'Update All' and reverting them to the existing (wrong as I see it) Fixture Profile.

It also means that I have to be careful when I reuse an earlier show file for a remount as the modified Fixture Profile has to be reverted to standard (so no using these in Augment3d) for all the existing Focus Pallets to work properly for that remounted show.

To make them work I used the procedure for 'Fixture Physically Pans or Tilts in the Opposite Direction from Visualized Movement' outlined here:

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