Absolute Camera for Vectorworks Vision 2021

Hello there,

This is my first eos fixture request!

I am looking for a way to make the new Vision Camera work fully with EOS, which requires 24 bit control channels with 1 DMX address for each of COARSE, FINE, ULTRA FINE position data on the X, Y, Z axes.

I have made an EOS fixture myself, but the moves are choppy because I had to ignore the ULTRA FINE position dmx address on each axis (eos fixture editor only gave option for 16bit control channels).

Do you guys have a special way to make a 24 bit control channel with 3 dmx addresses for a single parameter?  Is this something the end user can do in fixture editor?

I'm currently working with version 3.0 nomad at home (V 3.0.0 build 389, Fixture Library,

but also need the profile to work on my old ion with V 2.9.1 if possible...

The DMX map in their manual is found here:


Thank you!


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