Fixture request: Silver Star Pluto 250 Hybrid - 15 and 18 Channel Modes

Pluto 250 - 15CH - 18CH.pdf

I have found a library update for the Silver Star Pluto 250 Hybrid Moving Head but all are either in 16 or 19 channel modes.

Both the fixture and user manual I have lists basic mode as 15ch and Standard as 18 ch and have attached for your reference. 

I run a IonXe 20 on the latest firmware / software version 3.1 and latest fixture library as well.

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  • Thank you Justin,

    The fixture I have is definitely the Pluto 250, purchased early June and looks like early 2022 firmware on the fixture, so all quite recent.

    Both on the physical fixture and the manual that came with it states 15ch basic and 18ch standard modes, but yes like you found as well, everywhere else appears to only reference either 16ch and 19ch modes, so a little confused.. 

    I have been told that a newer 18ch version of this does exist for grandMA, in a fairly recent update i believe, as I had another operator use them with their set up. However before updating they could only find the 19ch version as well...

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!