Showtec PixelStrip40 / PixelController


I'd like to request a new fixture profile.

Manufacturer: Showtec

Model Name: PixelStrip40

Link, Mode and Footprint: This is the manual of the PixelStrip40. But DMX/ArtNet data is shown in page 26. There are three modes. 8 channel is uninteresting. 480 channel could be interesting. But the 1920 ArtNet mode is the interesting one. But I think in EOS it would be best to be able to choose a PixelStrip40 as fixture and calculate addresses themself. The difference between 480ch and 1920ch is only addressing which the user does then.

EOS versions: 3.x (I'm using 3.2.0 beta, but I don't know if new beta versions include also the newest fixture profiles...)

I'd like to be able to use it by June.

Thanks a lot