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hello, i know there ´s a fixture already, but from my experience, augmented zoom doesn't feet real, frame assembly turns opposite between aug and real, and shutter angles don't match neither. Can it come from sola internal parametres? if not, an update should be very welcome.

  • even though we passed thru and forgot ability to correctly prepair psts in augmented on this productilon, i still wanna get it, no one from high ends etc  to explain, advise or else? 

  • Hi Passa!

    Could you get into more detail on the issues you are having with zoom?

    For shutters, this can be tricky based on how that information is tied to Eos. This is something we are looking into to make improvements. There are some tricks you can do to get those more accurate which are outlined below:

  • Hello, thanks for your answer, i  posted a screenshot  here:

    I thought about zoom difference, but actually, as in this screenshot shutters make a square, size difference can come from shutters issue too. I'll try to compare zoom today without shutters to make sure where size difference comes from.

    Concerning the shutters, i was aware of the complete guide, but as most often, no time in real word before rehersals starts to "calibrate" shutters. And here is a etc high end fixture, so i didn't imagine i'd have to do whatever to get shutters right between etc high ends and etc eos. I get it with brands using other rules abt shutters, but here i guessed etc and high ends would be the same. And as soon as rehersal starts with light designer, we start to record psts, so too late to change whatever abt shutters config.

    One thing i didn't have time to deep  (i use augmented a lot before rehersal, very few during, specially when aug doesn't match real of course): on a few psts, aug and real are perfectly matching, on other ones (most of them), aug is very far from real, regarding shutters angles. I thought first it was matching when frame assembly remained at 0, but it's not that simple, and unfortunately no time in real world to analyse the trouble.Will try to find a bit of time this afternoon to make other screenshots.