Hamilton Cone

Hi anyone how to layout the cone marking for the Hamilton Project I can't really understand the doc.

Any help is much appreciated!

  • Page 11 of the PDF shows a plan of the stage with the cones laid out on it. The cone at the top left has an X position of -12' and a Y position of 22'. I've not found a definitive centre for the turntable listed in the notes but it appears to be at X=0', Y=9'6" judging by eye. Zoom into the PDF so you can see both the center line and the black & white 1' spaced focus tapes at the side then create a selection box on screen to show where the Center of TT lines up with the tape. The downstage set of cones are spaced at 4' intervals on the X axis and need to be close to the downstage edge of the show floor. Once you get started you should be able to place one cone, duplicate it, adjust the X & Y of the new cone, and repeat until done. 


  • I looked at the Turntable object and found the centre that way. Went from there. Some I zoomed in and eyeballed.

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