Offline mode should not generate any output (OSC)

When in offline mode, it should (by default) not output anything, including OSC. I can see how having output would be desirable in many cases while offline programming, controlling integrations with third party, etc., however it seems unsafe and unexpected behavior by nature of the name offline. 

Now to prevent this from being a breaking change, perhaps it should be simply a setup configuration option where it can be chosen by the user. And perhaps (more boldly) something prompted at the first time you open a show file in offline mode to configure.

  • I meant adding a line of code to the source code that sets the OSC enabled/disabled function/method to disabled state when you launch in Offline mode. I technically misspoke though since the term hardcoding doesn't have a ton of meaning in a context like Eos where you don't get to write addons. I'm currently working on a Blender addon, so it slipped out. 

    If Nomad didn't exist, I'd agree with you. Because Nomad exists, I disagree with you. Because Nomad exists, many users associate Offline mode exclusively with not having a dongle attached. Thus, offline=no DMX privileges. However when you're working primarily off a console, the only reason you would ever be in offline mode would be because you want to be disconnected from other devices such as the rig or other show control stuff. 

    Because the two user scenarios experience Offline very differently, it's best in my opinion to go with the option that cannot possibly inflict damage to either party of users. Having to go to the settings to disable OSC as a console user is tis but a scratch, but having your OSC disabled unexpectedly and not knowing why as a Nomad user could potentially be infuriating. Plus you don't want to add a dialogue to launching in Offline mode just for this because it's clutter and extra steps. It's like at Home Depot at checkout and they add 15 extra buttons you have to push on the screen just to buy a hammer. 

    That being said, adding a line of code that fulfills your request, but exclusively pushing it to consoles—not Nomad—that might be a good idea. 

  • I guess it depends on how you define offline... According to the EOS official documentation, OFFLINE: "Puts the console in Offline mode. Consoles in this mode cannot connect with other devices on the same network. This mode is primarily intended for offline editing of a show file." --- I guess if you very narrowly define "other devices" as simply DMX nodes, then perhaps, but the simple reading of this seems to indicate any network device -- and an OSC endpoint would be a network device. And depending on your environment things like OSC, MSC, Analog Gateways, etc., do control show elements -- so that can reduce it's capacity for "offline editing". Its important to note that the documentation does not state in this very relevant area that offline mode has exceptions. 

    I'm curious what other systems you use where "offline" is so narrowly defined? If I put my Microsoft Outlook client in offline mode, it doesn't just stop check for mail, but also stops essentially all other network traffic from that application. My offline editor for our sound console allows me to edit a show without it consequently triggering OSC commands. 

    I have no idea what you mean by monkeying around with the hardcoding means -- I've been a software developer for decades and this term has always befuddled me how much people abuse this term. Since OSC can be turned on/off, just like ArtNET, sACN, etc., it isn't hard coded, but rather simply a defined parameter. Without knowing the specifics of EOS code itself, it clearly is checking to see if it should send OSC by checking the setting that is configured, no more or less than it does when it sends other network-based protocols. The startup mode of Primary vs Offline is simply some global variable that is very likely checked many times throughout code execution, but it certainly is not "hard coded". 

  • Much better keep the meaning of Offline as simple as humanly possible. Offline simply means no DMX out. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. Monkeying around with stuff like OSC in the hardcoding just because you switched to Offline mode is a terrible idea in my opinion. We already have the option to disable OSC. Make that option better, maybe, but please for the love of god don't add code that monkeys around with stuff in the background it doesn't need to be monkeying around with. Keep it stupid simple. 

  • It seems like you just read the headline and not the whole proposal. Yes, you can set it on or off as necessary, but the default should very likely be that of "no output" which would honor the "offline" mode. Perhaps better yet would be to simply default to disable all "OUTPUT" -- and perhaps keep inbound OSC working. While you're maybe not using it this way, it is not uncommon for me to load up a show in offline mode to edit it, while another show is running on the console. I definitely don't want any form of show control style output occurring, since I only wan tmy primary console to output any form of show control or other output.

  • But Offline should be a state with no output, in my opinion.