Disable Explicit OSC Output

Hi all,

is there a way to disable the explicit EOS-OSC output?
-at least that’s what I think I want to disable; I mean the OSC output the desks automatically output once any key is pressed/ cues are fired/ …

As I need to connect light-/sound-/video- network I am a bit concerned of the used bandwidth plus I don’t need all that and it makes it easier to see the needed incoming messages in eg. Ableton Live.
I know I could send it to OSC-Router and just forward the messages I want, but that is not my favorite option as I need another program (that apparently needs to be always in the foreground)…
Sending a string and disable OSC output might also be an option, but as far as I know, it is then not recognised as OSC

Any help is appreciated ;D

  • Thanks so far, but I guess I need to be a bit more precise:

    It is not my problem to connect the systems, nor that I don’t understand OSC –at least rudimentally-.
    My problem is this:

    The free and very helpful toolbox of LiveGrabber for ‘Max for Live’ has an OSC receiver. It shows the last 10 (or so) incoming OSC commands. If you fire a Cue in EOS with, let’s say 5 seconds the desks prompts out this:


    As one can see the wanted ‘/live/go=1’ string is send out first, which is what we want, but it is followed by a blurb of other commands. Now u can’t see the ‘/live/go=1’ command any more in the LiveGrabber receiver window, but all the –not used or wanted- blurb.

    If someone is not experienced in OSC or you have a problem it is rather difficult to scan the data for a specific output...
    Therefore I want to stop EOS to output all the ‘system OSC messages’ and only output the ones I put out with a string command. If you switch off OSC in the system-settings and instead send it with the string command it actually sends out the string without the first ‘/’ indicating that this is a OSC message. That said I know the actual OSC string message looks different, but I don’t know exactly what it looks like.

    So the question is: Can I stop EOS to send out the ‘system OSC commands’?

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