Mac250 and Mac250+ fixture profile, gobo problems

Dear ETC and EOS Family Team,

Yesterday I was in a venue with Mac250 and MAc250+ units (not Entour or Krypton). I had some problems with gobo control.

On the Mac250+, I was able to rotate the gobos continuously, but only in clockwise direction. On the Mac250 (classic / non Plus), I was completely unable to rotate the gobos continuously.

I checked the fixture profile, and for both of them, it appears the profile doesn't match Martin's definition.


and page 22

EOS definition of the Mac250 (non plus) for DMX byte 5: DMX-value 0-255, user value -100 to +100. no subsections.
EOS definition of the Mac250+ for DMX byte 5: DMX-value 0-255. "Index" when Gobo wheel mode is Index, "Rot" when Gobo Wheel Mode is Rot, Rot Scan +, Spin + Rot, Spin - Rot

Martin's information for byte five (both Plus and classic): 0-2 no rotation, 3-127 CW rotation, 128-252 CCW rotation.

This (and other) information certainly doesn't align, and probably explains the problems I was seeing.

If I had regular access to such fixtures, I would attempt to adapt the fixture profile to make it work. However, I don't have access to any, so that probably isn't much of an option.

Kindest regards,