Basic Set-Up Help SmartFade ML

Hi I'm hoping one/some of you smart people can help me get the 10 lights I have set-up for the little TV studio I'm making for my media students.

I spent all day yesterday trying to work it out and went over the manual again and again, searched through the forums and tutorials and still can't work it out.

All I want is to be able to select a "device" and use "param 1" and "param 2" to set up the light then in "Int A" have slider "1" bring up or down light 1 "2" up or down light 2 etc...

I have worked out that I can set the sliders for "Int A" under Menu>Patch>Patch By Channel but cannot work out how to set the parameters for each device. I have tried doing a user defined patch in the "Patch Wizard" where I can tell it what the DMX footprint is for the device and then a number is assigned to that device, but I can't change the parameters.

Then I have tried to create a "User Personality" as explained here: How To Create A User Personality On A SmartFade ML but it doesn't seem to change the parameters of the device.

(What is "Home Value"?)

Here are the lights I am trying to set up and what I have set their DMX to:

(DMX 1 & DMX 12) x2 11-channel motorised LED spotlights (says it's made by Betopper model TLS10K) - there is not a personality for them - with the following information in the manual: 

(DMX 40 & 46 & 52) 3x 5-channel RGB LED (Unbranded) with the following information in the manual:

(DMX 25 & 30 & 35) 3x 5-channel Cool/Warm White LED (Unbranded) with the following information in the manual:

(DMX 58 & 64) 2x 6-channel RGB Pinspot LED (Unbranded) with the following information in the manual:

Hopefully someone out there can tell me step by step what to do because I feel like I'm chasing my tail.

Many Thanks.

  • All I want is to be able to select a "device" and use "param 1" and "param 2" to set up the light then in "Int A" have slider "1" bring up or down light 1 "2" up or down light 2 etc...

    Devices dont use the Int A or Int B faders -  These are designed for conventional dimmer channels (eg. Int A fader 1 = Dimmer ch 1, Fader 2 = Dimmer 2, etc.  If you want to control patched devices intensity only then use the INT DEV button so faders 1-24 control devices 1-24.

    If you have made a personality and correctly patched it to the correct DMX channels using the PATCH > PATCH DEVICES > PATCH WIZARD > then select USER DEFINED on the right encoder to select the personality number you have made with the "footprint" showing the fixture channels used, then press YES, Assign it to a device number (1-24), Assign its starting address, and number of fixtures (if this is your two 11 channel Betopper TLS10K fixtures then select device 1, DMX address 1, number of fixtures COUNT = 2 - then YES, patch YES

    If you have sucessfully patched your two Betopper TLS10K devices then hit the "Dev Sel" Button, then press Device buttons 1 and 2 and then hit the Param 1 Button - you should now be able to control those two devices. Fader 1 =  Intensity, 2 =Pan, 3 = Tilt, etc for Gobo, Colour etc.

    When building a User Personality -  the HOME value is the default values that will be called for each parameter when the SFML HOME button is pressed multiple times 2 or 3? times I think?  You dont need to set values but some fixtures have for example a Strobe or Shutter channel that must be up before the dimmer will do anything.  In that case set the strobe/shutter HOME value to suit the fixture- eg 255.  Another example is to set the HOME value for PAN and TILT of the fixture to half way points so the fixture aims straight down, plus add a HOME value for the Dimmer channel to FULL (255).  That way - hitting the Home key (x 2 or 3?) for a selected fixture will reset the PAN/TILT to straight down with the lamp on and at full intensity.

    Finally - If you modify a user personality in any way then you will need to re-patch the fixture/s again for any changes to take effect.

    Hope that helps.