Theatrical Programming

I know how to records cues and cue lists, but is there an easy trick or function set up so that all the attributes are never tracked cue to cue? to basically globally turn that off? it seems that you have to hit the functions each time, is this correct?
  • In the Hog III this option is set per cuelist.

    Open Cuelist options.

    Select Cue only.
  • Hello-
    There are several options that allow you to go non-tracking. It sounds like you've already found the non-tracking cue option (deselecting "Forward" from the Record Command Line). Here are 2 more:

    To turn tracking off on a cuelist by cuelist basis: open your cuelist's OPTIONS window and turn on "Cue Only."

    To turn tracking off for all further cuelists in your showfile, you can go into the PREFERENCES window, select PROGRAMMING and check "Default Track Forwards to Off." (Don't forget to click OK or APPLY to save this)

    That being said, if you are using automated fixtures or media servers, I'd encourage you not to disregard tracking. Going non-tracking may be the easiest solution for you when working with desk channels- but is usually not the case for fixtures with multiple parameters.
  • Thanks for updating with the more complete answer... :notworthy: I forget the global setting is even there as I have never needed it....

  • No worries- I didn't even see your post until after I posted mine.

    The programmers in my training classes will tell you that I always encourage them not to turn on "Default Track Forwards to Off." This is not because it doesn't work properly: it does exactly what it is supposed to do. Tracking is a powerful feature that I want to make sure they use and learn in the course. While I know there are times I'll make a "cue only" list, and even more times that I'll deselect "forward" on an individual cue... like you I'm also of the mind that I wouldn't want this to be globally set either. I like my piggy to be generally tracking.

    Now- for those programmers reading this who do turn on "Default Track Forwards to Off:" this post is not meant to deter you from using this functionality. This last post is simply a statement of my individual programming preferences.

    And for "THEATRICALASSOCI", it sounds like "Default Track Forwards to Off" will suit your programming style the best. It will save you from having to deselect "forward" from now on. I hope this will be helpful.