N shot for one cycle chase

I'm trying to set up a simple chase on a master using the effects engine that only runs thru the chase once. I'm running into a problem. When playing back the cue it won't run thru all the channel numbers. It starts on channel 3 and goes thru 6. 1 and 2 never come on. Here's what I have going:
a 6 channel smooth effect using channel 1-6.

ch1 offset 300
ch2 offset 240
ch3 offset 180
ch4 offset 120
ch5 offset 60
ch6 offset 0

N Shot at 1
fade set at 0
release set at 0
I messed around with different effect sizes and lengths but never got it to run channel 1 thru 6.
I also tried the value at various levels
I'm running 3.1.5
Thanks in advance