Hog 3 shutting down

About a week ago my console shut down in the middle of programming. It then attempted to restart but just keep going to the start up(very first) screen and then would go black for a second and then the back to the first screen. It did that a few times till i powered down. i tried to restart and it was doing the same thing. I had remove the power cable and wait a minute and then it started correctly. it worked fine the rest of the day till i went to shut it down at the end of the night and it started to shut down but then went to the start up screen and started to loop again. I was running 3.1.7 and decided to do a clean install to 3.1.9. Well today it shut down on me again while programming and started to loop on the start up screen but after the second loop it actually started so I logged back into the show and continued programming. What do you guys thing it could be? I'm on a battery backup so I don't think it was an external power issue. I was logged on as a client. Thanks in advance for any help!!

Wholehog 3 w dp2000
  • if you've already done a clean installation, you may have a hardware problem related to the video card heatsink, when heating begins to not work as it should, try to see if the heat sinks are clean and not clogged with dust, and if under the main video card heatsink thermal paste is dry, you might try putting a layer of new thermal paste and try, so you risk only spend € 10 of thermal paste, groped would agree, also because in most cases, when processors will go into heat protection to prevent burning, and starch could easily be your case.

    Of course, you only attempt this if your console is no longer under warranty. otherwise send it to the nearest center.

    good luck
  • Of course, if you're not familiar with hardware or electronics in general, you'd better send your hog from a professional, otherwise you may do some irreparable damage.
  • Before you go tearing off heat sinks and getting all messy with paste.....it would be worth checking all your wiring harness connections to be sure that everything is seated properly at all points.

    You also mentioned that you were logged in as a client, but only listed an H3 console and a DP2k. Do you have another desk or PC in your system?

    Hope this helps. :)
  • Hello, it is difficult to tell the exact cause of the problem. If the console is actually losing power or restarting there are a few possibilities. There may be a problem with the Power Supply, Power Distribution PCB, or other component or cable in this area. It could also be a problem with, or a loose IEC connector / cable on the rear of the console. There may also be something rolling around in the console making contact somewhere it shouldn't causing a short, or possibly some outside influence such as a 2 way radio or power issues, or other device connected to the console.

    If the program is just shutting down,l it may be a bad hard drive, but this should just shut down the program leaving you at the blue logo screens.
  • [QUOTE=Matteopio.olivieri;54570]
    you may have a hardware problem related to the video card heatsink

    The Hog III console does not have a video card heatsink. The video chips are built into the motherboard and are passively cooled without any heatsink or thermal compound.
  • Mitch that's what it does. It goes back to the blue logo screen and starts to "probe the disk". I bet it's the original hard drive. The hog 3 has a 2005 manufacture date.

    Marty I'm just about to check all connection. The hog 3 was running a client....The server was a laptop running windows 7. There was no interruption in the show. The server kept running fine.

    Thanks for the ideas guys!! I will keep you post on what I find out. Please keep the ideas coming.

    update: opened her up, checked all connection and cleaned her out. All connections seemed fine. The IDE cable to the hard drive pushed in a little but not much at all. It wasn't to dusty inside. hopefully just shaking all the cables did something. I start a commercial tomorrow so I will see what happens.
  • It's doing it again. I started up my console today and it logged in and then a few minutes later it restarted. It just kept rebooting itself after the splash screen would come up. I pulled power and restarted and it just kept rebooting to the start screen. pulled power again and it started to boot then both screens went black and all the chooser buttons started flashing. I pulled power again, left it for about 10 minutes and restarted and it's been running for about an hour. I feel it's the hard drive going bad. Can I go to Fry(or Best Buy) purchase a hard drive, replace it in my console and install hog OS 3.1.9? Is there a walk thru(instructions) how to do this if it's possible?
    Thanks in advance,
  • Richard, it's very easy to do. Frys might not have one but if you get in a bind, I have 2 spares as they were cheap.

    There are a couple of threads if you search hard drive that should help you out.

    I'm out of town until Friday, but if you need one, let me know.

  • John
    Thank you very much for the offer!! I borrowed a console from a friend and ordered a couple 80 gig seagate drives from amazon. It was fun driving around yesterday looking for a new hard drive under 120 gigs. People were almost laughing at me. The smallest I could find was 500 gigs. If I wanted to drive an hour, frys in woodland hills had a 320 but wasn't sure if i could limit it. Also it was a Western Digital which I don't trust. This was definitely an eye opener to have a spare HD. Especially since the closest new drive is at least two days shipment away.
    I also want to thank Josh Thatcher, Scott Barnes, Paul Hancock and John Crimans for their support this week thru my weirdness. What a great community!!

    I will keep you guys posted when I solve the problem. As an update I'm going to change the hard drive and bios battery.
  • Just wanted to keep you guys updated. I changed the hard drive and bios battery which seemed to fix it. It ran great for about a week and now the problem has come back. I ordered a new PSU DISTRIBUTION PCB today and will install it on friday. I will keep you posted on the progress........
  • Just saw that I never wrote a conclusion to my problem. It was indeed a bad PSU Distribution PCB. Thanks to the guys at Highend for helping me find the problem and walking me thru the solution!!!