can not update full boar

I bought a Road Hog 3 Full boar last week.
During the show it got stuck and could only operate the faders.
I just found out that version 3.2.1 has been installed.
The full board is equipped with a new ssd, but I am unable to update it to version 3.2.6 b3434
I have burned several CDs with deepburner and used 2 usb.
the full board sees the usb and cd roms but not the fpspkg file.
Which is why I am unable to update.

who can help me or has a solution?
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  • thx Gabbi

    unfortunately the steps from the manual get me to the attached screenshot with nowhere to go.

    there's to say that I got the console in this state and with a dead bios battery. the latter I've fixed so both screens work again. If i don't choose a full restore the console stalls waiting for the front panel to communicate. a forked way with 2 dead endings for the moment.