can not update full boar

I bought a Road Hog 3 Full boar last week.
During the show it got stuck and could only operate the faders.
I just found out that version 3.2.1 has been installed.
The full board is equipped with a new ssd, but I am unable to update it to version 3.2.6 b3434
I have burned several CDs with deepburner and used 2 usb.
the full board sees the usb and cd roms but not the fpspkg file.
Which is why I am unable to update.

who can help me or has a solution?
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    1. Download the Hog 3 PC software for the version you wish to install on your console.
    2. Connect a USB stick to your computer
    3. Take the MSI file out of the zip folder and place it on your USB stick
    4. Connect the USB stick to your console
    5. On the Hog Start window, press Update Software
    6. Select the MSI file on the USB stick

    I ran it one time and it popped up a message. I re-ran the install and I had a successful installation.



    thx for your reply and the detailed steps to take.

    unfortunately none of the above works. a Full Restore while booting from USB stalls at the the point of which i took a screenshot with no option to select a different file, drive etc. 

    selecting a file from the Hog Start window as you suggested in step 5. isn't possible as the console doesn't even get that far booting.

    Holding the Pig-key while booting doesn't work either as the front panel seems to be not being detected

    I've figured that the front panel was connected to the wrong port at the time of purchasing the console and I corrected that 'glitch'. Also the bios battery was drained and I replaced it.

    As of now the touch screens, while being routed usb-wise through the front panel, work and the panel gets power from the PSU as indicated by some leds of which I removed the foil that blackened them out..

    By now I'm about to look for a working front panel while checking the one i have for whatever issue i might comer across.

    thx again