#lighthack & Mac OS X?

Hi Everyone,


I'm new to the Arduino scene and eager to learn.  I've been on the EOS platform for several years.  

I'm wondering what it would take to get the #lighthack to work with Mac OS X?  

I'm happy to learn and figure things out if I know what direction to start my search in. I'm also happy to share what I come up with.  


Thanks much in advance for your assistance!


  • Chris,
    It is in the works but no hard date as I understand it. It is not something that the community can hack their way around. It has to be implemented in the Nomad software. Hang in there a bit longer. :)
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    You would need an ethernet shield and a completely different sketch. So basically a whole new project :-)
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    Ethernet based Arduino OSC projects are much more complicated because you have to setup the device to work on a specific network with a specific console IP etc along with setting up all the encoder/fader/button stuff to transmit.
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    That is true, I'm not saying its as easy or as elegant but at the moment its the only way to make it work on a MAC. Somewhere I have a few scripts from back in the day when I was ultra nerding out on OSC before USB was possible...
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    I also have several sketches for this. I still use ethernet based OSC for distant remote devices. It allows for accessory interfaces to be anywhere in the building easily. One of my favorites is local Intensity and Iris or Zoom when using a moving light as a follow spot.
  • Hi All,

    Does anyone have an idea of a timescale for when Mac OSC USB support will be added ?

    For a project in a couple of months I would like to use my new Lighthack Encoder Wing with a Mac based Nomad system the company use.

    Obviously I will look down either a Bootcamp or alternative hardware route if it isn't enabled by then, but wondering if there are any murmurings from Wisconsin .... ?
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    We are hoping to have this support included with the next major release of Eos Family software. I can't promise any sort of date for that.

    You may want to consider joining the Eos Open Beta forum (if you're not already a member). That will give you early access to the code (albeit, Beta code). We would certainly appreciate your feedback on the work when it's available!
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    When did you start 2.7 beta testing?
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    Sure, I totally understand you can't pre-announce when software will be released with any certainty.

    It would however, for features as major as this, be useful to have some indication as to whether we should hope for the next release in a month, 6 months, a year.

    I don't think anyone in the community is going to hold you to a date if a product needs a little more testing, but when the update cycle is so sporadic, "the next version" could literally mean anything.

    I guess I should start installing BootCamp then ...
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    Beta for Eos v2.7 has not begun yet. I would guess that Eos v2.7 will be released by summertime. (Hopefully that gives me enough wiggle room).
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    Beta 2.7 has been opened! Mac osc over usb is working. It sometimes take a bit for the devices to connect. If you experience this I suggest restarting the software with the device already plugged in. This seems to work better.
    I've gotten multiple devices working including teensy based projects without having to change PID/VID. Make sure you are compiling with the newest OSC library which is now available in the library manager inside the arduino IDE.
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    That are good news. I will test it next week.
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    I tested my project (fader wing with Arduino micro) with macOS.
    Yes it works, like you mentioned there is some problem with hot plug of the Arduino device,
    some times it works, sometimes not. Here a screenshot of the diagnostic.

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