Coarse / Fine

Box, put together and working great but; Rotating the encoders produces very little movement. Holding down the 'Fine" button can be seen to move the 2nd place decimal places but overall it's hard to put the lights where we want them. Is there a line in the Scratch code we can change to increase the Pan / Tilt excursions? I'I' More movement per rotation of wheel?

  • You need to increase the value in line 113 and 114
    It is not split for course / fine !

  • Made the changes to make larger moves. But weird thing is the fine button moves the same! It is as if the fine button was disconnected. I opened the box and checked the wiring and things looked good. Could there be any reason that changing the Pan and Tilt click send would effect the fine click rate? 

  • The effect of changing the the scale is the same for fine and coarse. You must write some code to make a split for coarse / fine.

  • Oh! When I 1st used it I thought there was a difference. The usual was racking up the integers while the fine seemed to be going more for the decimals but I may have imagined that. Seems a littel odd the button is there if there is no "divider" action when the button is pressed. Perhaps someone familiar with the Sketch could come up with the code you mentioned. Bottom line though I can really move those MH's now with the wheels. 

  • Working on the same issue. But clueless about altering the code so far. Any succes yet?

  • Totally. I opened the box's script in the Ardiuno editor and found lines "113 #define PAN_SCALE 1" and "114 #define TILT_SCALE 1".  Changed the 1's to 5, saved and loaded it. You might have to try different values to get a comfortable turn rate. I think I ended up using 20 (a lot!).

  • If using EOS I added the line at 425 that changes the increment of the Fine wheel, you can change the value as needed. Original value with PAN_SCALE at 5 was .02 per encoder click, with the *10 line it is doing .1 per encoder click (don't ask me why the math doesn't correlate)