#lighthack Box mod in a case - Help Please. I don´t get it.

Hello There,

i build the "classic" #lighthack BOX1 inside a case. Everything works fine as it should.

I tried to put some additional features in it:

- The PAN / TILT Encoder Button should bring those parameters back HOME.

- There are two potis. One should be submaster 1. The other one should be sumbaster 2.

- I used two more Buttons beside LAST, SHIFT, NEXT. I want to use them as the firebutton for Submaster 3 and Submaster 4.

But here´s the thing. I dont know what to do. I tried to combine different codes. Nothing worked for me.

Coding...well...sadlay i´m not in to it.

If there´s someone who like to help to get this to work - please let me know. I think i really need help for this.

Cheers , Chris

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