Can't login using Firefox

I can't log in on any of ETC pages (forum, learning, etc) since some days ago using firefox browser (version 91.0.2).
I am using Safari andit works fine.
Any idea why this is happening?
MacBook Pro 2,5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

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  • Can you please check the following setting in Settings>General>Network Settings (all the way at the bottom):

    1. Is Enable DNS over HTTPS enabled (it turned on by default a few weeks ago) and if so, which provider is selected?
    2. If you feel comfortable disabling it temporarily, does that improve your connection ability?
  • 1. Yes, Enable DNS over HTTPS was turned on and Cloudflare was the provider.

    2. I disabled it and still had not luck logging in through Firefox.

    Not sure this helps, but when trying to log in either the "Logging In, Please Wait" icon flashes for a split second or that icon shows for a fair amount of time, but logging in never completes.

    I've also tried on Firefox mobile and tried reinstalling and refreshing Firefox with no success.

  • Thank you for the additional information. Can you try visiting to intentionally logout, then close and reopen your browser window and try logging in again? I'm wondering if some bit of data got caught somewhere and you're in between a fully logged in and fully logged out state.

    You can also try clearing your cache for * cookies as well.

  • No luck. Here is a video showing what happens.Click here to play this video

  • Thanks for the video! I'm having our IT folks dig in, but as a last test, can you please clear cache and cookies for (all of our sites, not just community)

  • Nothing seems to have worked. I've cleared cookies and cache a couple times. I also specifically went to forums and etcconnect and used the developer tools to delete cookies and cache. I've uninstalled and reinstalled firefox. I've used the firefox refresh function. I've logged out of my firefox account and then tried logging in to the forums/myetc. 

  • Thank you for the additional information. We're looking into this and I'll get you answers as soon as possible.

  • Hi  ,

    Aforementioned IT folk here Slight smile

    Sorry to hear about the login issues. This is definitely a strange one.

    Would you mind checking for me whether or not FireFox is logging any error messages when you try and sign in?

    You can do this by right clicking on the sign in page and clicking "Inspect"

    Then another window should pop up somewhere on your screen. On that new window you're looking for a button that says "Console"

    After you try signing in (and get the loading icon that pops up and goes away)

    Are there any messages in red in that console window?



  • For the quick loading icon yes there is a message in red. In the attached image I tried logging in twice, and got the quick pop up twice along with the error twice. When there was the long loading icon, it never seemed to stop so I didn't see any errors before I just closed the tab.

  • Awesome. Thank you! That definitely looks like it will be useful as those errors are the website failing to sign you in.

    Would you mind right clicking on that console area, and exporting those messages to a file (see below)

    If you could email that file to me at drew.fabian (at), it should be helpful in letting our web development team get to the bottom of what's happening.

    One other thing that might be worth trying in the meantime is disabling your adblocker while you try and sign in. I can't think of why the adblocker would be interfering with your login. But it's usually a good troubleshooting step when it comes to issues with websites.