D1 Driver working with ArcMesh or not?

We purchased about 45 D1 Drivers and the recessed Arc1 fixtures.  The plan was to use WIFI Arc Mesh to control them and wired DMX for the other fixtures.  However there is not an antennae on the D1.  Are there two types of D1?  Wired and Wifi?  How can you tell the difference? 


  • Hi Paul,

    There are two different drivers. 
    We currently off the a wired only RDM/DMX version of the drivers.

    There was also the wireless ArcMesh driver(which could also be hardwired).  This model also required a TX-1 Transmitter (to send ArcMesh).  There were two versions of antennas on those a small black cap version early on, and then a more standard screw on antenna.

    Very recently due to parts not being available the ArcMesh Wireless version was discontinued.

    Looking at the Model Number is the best way to figure it out.  I would likely guess it's the RDM/DMX version. 
    You could also reach out to the ETC dealer who supplied it to find out more info as well.


  • Chris,

    Awesome text book answer.   Thanks,

    Do I have to go back to the guy who sold me the system and ask?   One question for them, help me phrase it, is if they spec'd the wired D1 why did they also spec an Arc Mesh transmitter?  

    Should I also reach out to the ETC Rep who's name is on the drawings?

    Now I have to add running DMX cables around the room to the contracors work load / contract?  That wasn't part of their contract because our sales rep convinced me to go arc mesh.  uuuuurgh. Maybe I'll have my staff do that part.  Does the dmx line from light to light have to be inside conduit? 

    Thanks for the answer, but it means more work for Paul.


  •  - The ETC NYC Office should be reaching out if they haven't already.

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