CS Pars - current draw?

So, because I'm dumb. I'm looking at the CS Par specs and I'm wondering why the limit is 9 units per 20 amp circuit?

At 120watts maximum draw per fixture on 120vac, that's only 9amps.

I can understand only pulling 15amps through the 15amp rated PowerCON connector, but we're not even at that point. Is there an inrush or something I'm missing?

I think I might have to pull 10 units from a single circuit and want to see if that's feasible.... but mostly, I want the numbers to add up & make sense.


  • There are a couple of contributing factors:

    • the maximum current for the original powercon connector is 16 amps, not 20. 
    • The limiting factor is inrush current when the units are initially powered on is very high. The capacitors in all those power supplies look like a dead short initially. Steve Terry wrote several articles about it, not that I can find them when needed.

    FWIW, the numbers add up and make sense, but over-simplifying the problem to ohms law using steady-state current does not.

  • Thanks!

    I never really understood inrush calculations anyway.. but it's something I can easily accept.

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