Whirlwind powercon obstruction

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I have a dozen Selador D40 vivids.  When I pan the unit with standard dmx (xlr) and powercon (whirlwind) connected, the cables get smashed between the fixture and the yolk.  Has anybody had this issue?  How have you dealt with it?  I am ordering another dozen and am wondering if ordering the XT unit with the tails would solve this.  I see that they take a molex connector instead of powercon for reasons of waterproofing.


Any other suggestions/solutions?





  • JC, there was a change to NEC code that allowed us to start using a more flexible power cable that will clear the yoke, so new cables will solve that problem. On the DMX side, ETC doesn't manufacture DMX cables but there are cables that will clear. Feel free to call Tech Service if you have any questions or would like additional info!
  • Yep me also.Just got 25 D40s and the same problem. Am really surprised ETC hasn't corrected this problem as it is inherent in the design and everyone who has bought them has the problem, and that HAS to be thousands of units!!
  • I just bought new units and cables this month and they STILL have the problem. If we need to move the focus that moves the cables thru the yoke we either have to crush the cables or unplug and re-plung them. THE SOLUTION IS TO LENGTHEN THE YOKE -
  • Hello James,
    I am sorry you are having issues with your fixtures. When the Desire fixtures were designed, there was a value put on having them have a shorter hanging position. It was thought that it would be more convenient to users if they did not hang as low. It could be argued that the design was too much in that direction. As stated above, we made a change to the cables that ship with the fixtures a while back that allowed them to bend more easily and that seems to have solved the problem for most. In response to this post, we just took another look at this issue and the consensus here seemed to be that, while you did have to put a decent bend on the cables, it was nothing that should be concerning. That being said, the cables used does make a big difference as there is not a lot of room for variety. Is it the power or the data cables that are giving you issues? What cables are you using?

    Jim Uphoff
    Product Manager- ETC
  • Both are being bent severely. I am using the power-con cables that came with the instruments about a month ago. The clearance between the plug end and the yoke is 5/16". the power cable is the same dimension, so it is being bent at a 90 angle when forced thru the yoke. If you have an Email I will send pics. I really find it hard to believe that an additional 1/2 or 3/4" in the length of the arms of the yoke would make that big of a difference in the hang profile. BUT the more important point is that if the unit has to be hung straight down the cables will be bend for long periods of time, or bent and re-bent as focuses are changed and that will significantly shorten the life of expensive cables
  • Also as I move the yoke it is rubbing off the coating of the cable, and you can see "scuff" marks on the cable.
  • Jim,
    Did you inform your distributors of what DMX cables should be sold with ETC LED PARs, or with any instruments to prevent the DMX connector from having this problem ??, because the ones we got have the same problem as the power cables and are certainly not going to survive the repeated bending at the connector
  • The cable I tested with was a Proplex and it seemed to have enough give to clear the yoke. We are looking into what it would take to make a longer yoke as well. It appears that the powerCON connectors have gotten longer, which is why there is an issue again.

  • You might be able to just square off the yoke, as the cable hits into the curve, and that might give enough clearance. Let us know what the retro fit will be once you have it fixed. thanks JA