Install / Update to v4.1.2 fails on W10


I've just tried to update Concert to the latest release (v4.1.2), on a Windows 10 PC, and it fails with the following message:

Feature transfer error

Feature Transfer Error:

Component: Devices

File: C:\ProgramData\ETC\Net3Concert\Devices\BB0F0D38-2FC5-48C1-9F0D-6E6E5480591B\ETC_6cff.rra

Error: Access is denied

I couldn't find any install logs, but may not have found the right place. Let me know where to look & I'll upload them.

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  • Hi ,

    Access Denied errors usually appear in the case where either the file is in use already (i.e. a previous version of Concert is installed and running) or the installer does not have permission to place files in the folder.

    I would recommend trying a restart of your computer first (to ensure that nothing is currently using the files) and then right clicking on the installer and choosing to run as an administrator to ensure that you have permissions on the computer to install into the Program Data directory.

  • I'm afraid that neither a restart nor running as Administrator has solved this.

    This is the 'second' run of the installer; the first run, as usual, uninstalls the previous version.

    I have noted that the installer is showing "Installing C:\... \ETC_DMXGatewayControl.dll" behind the error dialogue.

  • ,

    I'm sorry that didn't work to resolve it. Next, could we try the following:

    1. Uninstall Concert
    2. Delete the Program Data\ETC\Net3Concert folder and its contents
    3. Download a fresh copy of the installer in case this installer was corrupted.
    4. Disconnect from the Internet and temporarily disable any antivirus scanning during the install process
    5. Re-run the Installer as an Administrator.
  • Hi,

    It is the anti-virus (Bitdefender) that is the issue. I have found that it is quarantining a file during install. Unfortunately I'm not able to disable it on a work machine.

    The message it gives is:

    On-Access scanning has detected a threat. The file has been deleted. C:\ProgramData\ETC\Net3Concert\Devices\BB0F0D38-2FC5-48C1-9F0D-6E6E5480591B\ETC_ea58.rra is malware of type Gen:Variant.Bulz.450384

    Hopefully that will give you an idea as to why Bitdefender is pulling this up as a false positive.

    Just for completeness, steps 1-3, above, were done too. I've always been running the installer with admin privileges.


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