Mk2 Gateway and Guest Consoles

Hello, we are considering purchasing a 4Out Mk2 Gateway so that we can negate multiple DMX lines from our IONxe to the stage, and hopefully just change to a network cable to the gateway on stage. I'm new to this so I may not fully understand. While I know this will work with my in-house ION, how will this play with guest consoles that tours bring in such as MA, Avo,..? I just want a solution that will work well all around and not overcomplicate things when I have to deal with a guest LD/console.

Thanks much!

  • As long as the console speaks sACN, it will work.

    Just make sure the Gateway is setup before they arrive on-site via Concert or the facepanel buttons and the console is on the same IP scheme and network as the Gateway.

  • if they have a console that can speak Streaming ACN (aka sACN or e1.31) (and the people visiting know how to turn that feature on in their consoles) that should work just fine.

    with a little bit more of a learning curve you can leave your console connected to the Mk2 while the guest also connects, you can both control the rig. e.g. you still control the house lights, work lights, blues and the direct power to the movers, they take everything else.

  • One thing I often use is DMX in. I have Response gateways in and out, where my consoles goes over network guests sometimes want only DMX hard lines then I have a DMX in gateway that transform DMX to sACN. This also let me use AIP (Advanced input patch) filtering and re-routing incoming dmx so as an example not letting the guests use the full universe. I have all my dimmers on 1 universe, but guest often only want to use my FOH, then I can limit the input with AIP so that they can't accidentally turn on other dimmer channels on stage.